By signing up for a vendor account you are agreeing to these terms.

Sales revenue will be split between Audiobook Kraken and the Vendor. 30% of
the revenue will go to Audiobook Kraken, 70% will go to the vendor.

Sales data will be available from your “Vendor Dashboard” on
You can request withdrawal of funds from completed sales once a month provided
there is a minimum balance of 25usd. (Potentially to be raised to 50usd in the

Funds will be deposited to you via PayPal (bank transfer will be available in
the future)

Audiobook Kraken will be responsible for enforcing the returns policy. Returns
will be accepted if it is deemed that the product listing or sample are
misrepresentative of the product. In this case we will contact the vendor to
resolve the issue and avoid future refunds.

Audiobook Kraken reserves the right to issue limited refunds to customers
for extenuating circumstances and gestures of good will. This will generally be
limited to 1 per customer and customers trying to abuse this will be banned
from the platform.

Any refunds approved will be deducted from the vendors sales revenue. In the
event of a product being refunded, the vendor will be informed by email as to
the details and reasoning for this action.

Books of an “Adult Nature” Must be flagged with the tag “NSFW”

Cover art, Samples and description must not contain and lewd or illicit content.

Audiobooks must meet the audio submission guidelines or will be rejected by
the quality review team. Audiobook Kraken reserves the right to reject or
remove products as well as vendors.